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Ramona school board bans the teaching of race theories

A civic education policy, approved unanimously by the board Aug. 12, bans the teaching of 10 concepts about race, including: teaching that a person is inherently racist, sexist, or oppressive because of their race or sex, whether intentionally or unintentionally; a person’s worth is determined by their race or sex; a person bears responsibility for past actions of people of the same race or sex; a person should feel guilty or not because of their race or sex; and that the advent of slavery constituted the beginning of the United States.

The board is also in the process of revising another policy called “Controversial Issues” to include provisions about the importance of patriotism, saying that while patriotism doesn’t try to “wash away failures,” it “instills appreciation for the successes making this American experiment the greatest success that the human race has ever known.”


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