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Darien Parents For Transparency & Accountability In Our Public Schools

This website represents the voice of parents in the Darien community who are concerned that an increasing number of incidents involving politically biased, age-sensitive materials being presented in classrooms across all grade levels and/or profiling without parental consent reflects a shift in our school district's educational philosophy that we have not been a part of and with which we do not agree. 


We hope that sharing examples of incidents or information that is material to our concerns will help promote the transparency and accountability we seek from our administration.

As private citizens and tax payers in the Darien community, we choose to remain anonymous and to protect the anonymity of those who share posts with us to ensure our voices can be heard without retaliation in a community where name-calling and intimidation has unfortunately become the dominant response to differing opinions.

As our neighbors in Westport remind us: 


Anonymous speech is at the very foundation of American democracy. Alexander Hamilton, James Madison and John Jay published the Federalist Papers under the pseudonyms “Publius” and “the Federal Farmer.” The Supreme Court has repeatedly defended anonymous speech “ to protect unpopular individuals from retaliation… at the hand of an intolerant society.” (McIntyre v. Ohio Elections Commission, 1995) 


Where published articles or social media posts are referenced or shared, source information can be found through further exploration of hyperlinks provided, and we encourage all readers to do their own research as necessary before forming their own opinions. 

Submissions may be emailed to and will be posted at the discretion of the site administrators.

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