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DPS "Portrait of a Graduate" Designed By Self-Proclaimed Social Justice Agency

Amidst the flurry of end-of-pandemic-school-year survey invitations sent to parents via email, on June 1, 2020, who recalls receiving/ participating in this one?

Education is evolving, and those changes will impact you, as a student, a parent, an educator, or a member of the Darien community. Because of this, the Guiding Coalition for our community’s Vision of the Graduate needs to hear from you, as your feedback will help give shape to the future of teaching and learning in Darien (for more information, click here). Hearing your voice is critical if we are to create meaningful pathways for success for all of our students -- from our kindergarteners to our seniors -- pathways that encourage our students to thrive in their own unique ways. Please click here to access our brief survey, and please complete the survey by June 8, 2020.


Kate Dimoulas, on behalf of The Darien Public Schools Guiding Coalition for the Vision of the Graduate

Assistant Principal Darien High School

This survey was the first step in reshaping Darien Public School System's educational philosophy by a "Guiding Coalition" that made no effort to garner the support and approval of Darien parents. It was designed by Connecticut Center for School Change (CCSC,) which has in the last month changed its name (and website) to Partners for Educational Leadership.

Excerpts from the former CCSC's website

Editor's Note: AWARENESS/ Phase 1: Check! (AND NOT A MOMENT TOO SOON ..... Anyone else feel like there has been a sudden explosion of consciousness in this town around issues of racism/ white supremacy, classism, bias, homophobia and prejudice?)


THE SURVEY RESULTS WERE EVALUATED AND THIS PORTRAIT OF A GRADUATE WAS "ADOPTED" (without notice) by Dairen PS in June, according to Ellen Dunn - Principal of DHS.

See Darien's "Vision of the Graduate," below.


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