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Who is Ken Shelton, Darien Public Schools' DEI Consultant?

Mr. Shelton of Elevate Education was chosen by Darien Public School System as a consultant to guide the DEI Team, support students, staff and parents. For more details on his background-

From the Darien Public School DEI District Update Memorandum on October 26, 2021:

Mr. Shelton will "support the facilitation of a District-wide Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee including students, teachers, administration, parents, and representation from the community and the Darien Board of Education, who will collaboratively:

● create a District equity statement;

● analyze data following and strategically identify root causes of inequities;

● develop DEI fluency through participation in experience to explore equity;

● build networks across the community to discuss DEI topics;

● make recommendations to address understood barriers; and,

● systematically review data to evaluate successes and growth areas."


What principles will Mr. Shelton use to guide Darien Public Schools? Take a look at his three part series in Medium, "GRADING IS CAPITALIST, RACIST AND EXPLOITATIVE".

Also, from a speech in September, 2019:

  • 31 min mark: In talking about successful strategies schools have used to promote equity, one strategy he has seen as effective in reducing inequities is to "get rid of Gifted & Talented programs... because they create segregation in integrated schools..." Mentions how this "creates a level playing field."

  • 53 min mark: Discusses professional development. Mentions that professional learning and support, especially when there's a demographic differential difference between teachers & students, "should start off with Anti-Racist and Implicit Bias training".


Budgeted expenditures for FY 2022 include a total of $79,000 of which $23,000 is budgeted in supporting the DEI committee and staff professional development.

Additional expenditures include $35,000 to support the development of student leaders, athletic teams and coaches as well as an additional $21,000 to support community partnership opportunities and additional professional development for staff.


If you have any questions for Mr. Shelton. Tune into the Special Meeting of the Board of Education at 5PM on Thursday, November 18.


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