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Memberships & Consultants Shaping The "Strategic Plan"

According to BOE Budget, DPS pays for these memberships and uses their services:

CT Center for School Change (CCSC) $6,500

Excerpts from CCSC "Core Beliefs" America is a racist and classist society and, by default, schools replicate the racism and classism that has deep roots bound into our national history, culture, systems, and structures. Inequities based on racism and classism are baked into our educational system and must be dismantled at a personal, institutional, and systemic level – it is the system that causes the inequities, not the student.

Referenced web pages attached. Note CSCC changed the wording of this section on its website some time between Aug 2020 and Oct 2020, which coincides with when Darien parents asked questions (deletions in yellow, additions in blue). Source: The Granby Equity Leadership team is featured on the CCSC Social Justice & Equity webpage. Both Superintendent Addley and Vice Superintendent Tranberg joined DPS from Granby Public Schools. Other memberships:

ICMA $300


p. 23 of BOE Budget Questions:

p. 138 BOE recommended budget (print version p. 111):

account 130.13 Administration- Dues and Memberships (CCSC, ICMA)

account 130.16 district memberships (CREC)

CCSC - Social Justice & Equity page July August 2020
Download PDF • 3.74MB

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